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Telehealth provides clarity at your convenience.

Telehealth offers a unique opportunity for adults who have struggled to squeeze counseling into their busy lives. Work, child rearing, and family schedules often puts personal needs on the back burner. Video counseling assists in breaking down some of these scheduling barriers. Technology makes scheduling counseling sessions from the comfort of your own home, office, or even vacation possible! Parents staying at home with their children can even schedule counseling sessions during naptime. As a mother of multiples, I can appreciate how challenging it can be for parents to make time for themselves. And, honestly wish I knew more about this resource when I was "in the trenches" with babies as my neighbors like to say.

Having small children is the most stressful time in a marriage. Once you have a child, you quickly learn why this most joyous time can also be extremely taxing on relationships. Expectations for parents are higher than ever before, and other parents are often our toughest critics. It truly can be overwhelming; just take five minutes to review your Facebook feed! Social media provides an illusion of social connection that often leads to comparison and self loathing. It can be the worst place to hang out when struggling with depression and anxiety. I highly recommend taking a social media vacation if this is the case.

If you are "in the trenches", it is essential to pump up your self care. Use your social support system. If someone offers to help, take them up on it. If not, ask for help. You don't have to be super hero all the time! Take care of yourself. Exercise a little. Eat a little healthier. Download a mediation app. Changes don't have to be drastic to feel good. When things get rough, throw on some chill tunes and breathe deep. Tell yourself, "It will get better". Join an online support group or moms group. Check out meet up groups in your area to get connected with new parents. If you decide that it is time for a professional mental health care, you can search telehealth psychotherapists profiles in your area on Psychology Today. It can be a great place to start your journey towards wellness.

Remember, you are never alone!

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